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is one of the Prominent Reputable Consulting Engineering Firms Working in Egypt. TCB Started Its Activity Since 1969 As a Partnership Specialized in Architectural, Civil And Structural Design Work. And now expanded to Cover Majority of The Engineering Services Required for Any Project from Conceptual to Completion.

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We seek to achieve and retain the continuous satisfaction of our customer, employees and shareholders because we believe it is the road to success.
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TCB ( House of Expertise ) - High Quality Engineering Services       & Technical Consultations Bureau (El Sahly – El Sawy) is honored and pleased to be selected and announced among the Qualified Consulting Groups applying for the Suez Canal Regional Development Master Plan.       
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As part of TCBs expansion in 1998, the firm has developed "TCB Lab" built on highest technical standards to serve the evolving needs of the projects. The TCB Lab allows its' projects to be conducted at the quality standard of TCB firm at all times.


The TCB lab is equipped with facilities and highly trained technicians and engineers to carry out tests for different types of materials (Masonary, Tiles, Wood, Steel Bars and Plates …..etc.), concrete (Fresh – Hard), soil and rock according to different standards and norms. TCB lab submitted through its specialists and consultants many studies and reports for Geotechnical engineering and groundwater control for captured by TCB (El Sahly – El Sawy ).


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