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is one of the Prominent Reputable Consulting Engineering Firms Working in Egypt. TCB Started Its Activity Since 1969 As a Partnership Specialized in Architectural, Civil And Structural Design Work. And now expanded to Cover Majority of The Engineering Services Required for Any Project from Conceptual to Completion.

TCB Commitment

We seek to achieve and retain the continuous satisfaction of our customer, employees and shareholders because we believe it is the road to success.
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TCB ( House of Expertise ) - High Quality Engineering Services       & Technical Consultations Bureau (El Sahly – El Sawy) is honored and pleased to be selected and announced among the Qualified Consulting Groups applying for the Suez Canal Regional Development Master Plan.       
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Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction

  • Research and studies Authority
  • Greater Cairo Water Authority
  • National Organization For potable water and Sewage 

Ministry of Transport

  • National Egyptian Railways Authority
  • The Egyptian Company for Cairo Metro operation & maintenance
  • General Authority for Roads, Bridges and land Transport
  • General Authority for Fluvial transport
  • Cairo Transport Authority

Ministry of Military Industries 

  • Military Factory No. 360 -Helwan

 Public and Private Sector Companies

  • TCB is acting as a Consulting House of Expertise for many companies both in public and private sectors in different fields e.g : general contractors , industry , mining etc…




  • Swiss -Egyptian Branch (ABB)
  • Denmark ( MTHOjgaard ,FLSMTH)
  • French -Egyptian Branch (Systra) Egyptian Branch (Schneider Electric)
  • French (ALSTOM)
  • Austrian (VATECH)
  • Originally (Swiss Asec/Aresc)
  • French (BCEOM)
  • Japanese (SANYU Consultant)
  • German (GKW)
  • Australian, Egyptian Branch  Centamine Pharo gold mines ( PGM )
  • Italian (LANUA)
  • Chinese (Angel Yeast)
  • Kingdom  Saudi Arabia (El Kattan)


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